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Paul Ryan is hot. Does that mean he’ll get your vote?

  With the GOP convention in full swing – as of today…there is lots of news and media out there on Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and their issues, politics. Well, since I am all about fitness and running, I thought I would highlight a fantastic Palm Beach Post article by my good friend Steve Dorfman […]


Olympics Marathon: Shalane Flanagan’s POV

I have to say, it’s impressive when athletes push themselves to accomplish more…remove themselves from their comfort zone in the hope to reach their goals, live their dreams, etc. It happens all the time in high school and college levels, but when it is done on the professional or Olympic level, it’s even more inspiring. […]


Women’s Running Magazine: “Blogger on the Run”

I am thrilled to announce that is featured as a “Blogger on the Run“ by Women’s Running Magazine!! My goal with has always been to share my personal nearly two decades of running knowledge and experience as well as the expertise of the many contacts, coaches, doctors, athletes, and go-to sources I have had […]


New school year, new cross country season

The new school year in South Florida has begun and along with it has come the start of fall sports – most importantly high school Cross Country! Yes, it is my second year coaching the Spanish River Community High School boys and girls cross country teams and I’m thrilled! With a year under my belt, […]


Psoas, what?

Check out my new article appearing on the And thanks to fellow South Florida Runs runner and friend Andy Zircher for the idea to write about psoas. Andy Zircher, a West Palm Beach resident and international business professional, admits as of late he’s been spending the majority of his time at work standing rather […]


Palm Beach Post, Steve Dorfman Column: “Pinning Pain Relief on Acupuncture”

Great column from The Palm Beach Post by my friend and fantastic health reporter/editor Steve Dorfman. Enjoy!   Should you pin your pain relief on acupuncture? By Steve Dorfman Way back in the day, circa early 1970s, my mom was one of South Florida’s earliest acupuncture patients. She regularly underwent the then-exotic treatments in order […]


Jobs with benefits

I have to say, I am one lucky girl. As many of you know, I fell to a foot injury nearly two months ago and have spent the summer dealing with the pain of this issue. I had to take off nearly two months of running…killing my summer training before the high school cross country […]


The Benefits of the Olympics and Unemployment: Running

I recently wrote a post about fans of the Olympics and professional sports being motivated to workout, get in shape and more…A friend of mine (ironically from my Running Group) sent the following article which was published on yesterday (but originally written by Reuters). It talks about how a combination of the Olympics (and […]

0 Are the Olympics Getting You in the Mood?

Are the 2012 London Olympics getting you excited, motivating you to head to the gym after work, take a few extra laps around the block – all with the intension of getting your body into better shape? The majority of us won’t be qualifying for 2016 games, so what is it about watching the highest level of athleticism and […]


Sun-Sentinel: Delray Man Promotes Adult Cross Country

Great article on my Coach Rick Rothman from Spanish River High School in Boca Raton, Florida, and the great things he is doing for USA Track & Field as well as the sport of Cross Country in general. Proud to have been his student as well as his current colleague! Enjoy! And thanks to Marlene […]