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Jobs with benefits

I have to say, I am one lucky girl. As many of you know, I fell to a foot injury nearly two months ago and have spent the summer dealing with the pain of this issue. I had to take off nearly two months of running…killing my summer training before the high school cross country […]


Choosing The Right Running Shoe For You

With my Plantar Fasciitis in full effect, I started doing some extensive research on running shoes and which ones I should be wearing. In all honesty, I’ve never really focused on the type of shoe in terms of over-pronation versus under-pronation. Instead, I have always gone for the Asics running shoe that is on the […]


Plantar Fasciitis: What it is and what to do if you get it?

After a strong week of running consistently, long distance and at a good pace, I woke up Sunday morning with severe and uncomfortable pain in the arch of my right foot. My Saturday morning run went fine and nothing seemed to bother the foot the remainder of the day…so I was confused with the sudden […]